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Eye Conditions and Treatments

We believe that an educated patient is more likely to make informed decisions, so we try to make helpful information available to allow you to learn more about the many common eye conditions and their treatments. Do you believe you may be suffering from one of the conditions listed on this page? Do you have concerns about your ocular health? Feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation.

Our services

Contact The Eye Centre today to book an appointment for yourself, or any member of your family. We offer all of the following:

Eye exams
Emergency eye care
Ocular health evaluations

Diagnosis and treatment of:

Diabetic retinopathy
Floaters and flashes
Lazy Eyes
Detached retinas
Dry eyes
Ocular allergies
Computer vision syndrome
Age related macular degeneration (ARMD)

If you’re changing your prescription, why not change your eyeglass frames, too. We carry an appealing selection of modern designer frames in a range of prices. Our staff will help you explore your options to make sure you receive the absolute best fit.

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