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Ophtalmology Glasses


Avoid straining your eyes. The Eye Centre provides practical solutions to enhance your everyday life.

Eye Care Services: We Check for Cataracts and Glaucoma in Fort McMurray, Drayton Valley, Leduc, Prince Albert and NOW IN YORKTON

Are you concerned about the possibility of glaucoma? Residents of Fort McMurray, Drayton Valley, Leduc and Prince Albert and Yorkton are invited to contact The Eye Centre for thorough examinations and treatment. The healthcare specialists at The Eye Centre offer a comprehensive range of optical services to assess, maintain and optimize your vision and health. Proper eye care is an ongoing concern for all people, young and old. We encourage all patients, those new to the clinic and those returning, to contact us immediately should you notice any deterioration with your eyesight.

The Eye Centre recommends regular examinations at least once every 2 years. It’s worth a visit to inspect the interior and anterior of your eyes for any abnormalities, injuries or signs of ocular disease.


Regular eye exams are beneficial in revealing other medical concerns such as high blood pressure or diabetes. A trip to one of our five locations is your best bet for a clearer view of your overall health.

Our services

Contact The Eye Centre today to book an appointment for yourself or any member of your family. We offer all of the following:

Eye exams
Emergency eye care
Ocular health evaluations

Diagnosis and treatment of:

Diabetic retinopathy
Floaters and flashes
Lazy Eyes
Detached retinas
Dry eyes
Ocular allergies
Computer vision syndrome
Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD)

If you’re changing your prescription, why not change your eyeglass frames, too. We carry an appealing selection of modern designer frames in a range of prices. Our staff will help you explore your options to make sure you receive the absolute best fit.

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